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New Admission Registration form


  • Please fill up the enclosed Registration Form and submit the same
  • Please make the payment of Registration Fees using any of the Payment Options given below
    • Name of the Beneficiary: Mount Litera Zee School
    • Bank Name: J&K Bank Ltd
    • Bank Account No: 1217040100005993
    • Branch Location: Patli Morh, Tarore
  • Once the payment is made, please call us on 96973 30123 and confirm so that we issue the Online Admission Form for your child
  • No application willbe accepted without Payment.
  • Parents who have submitted the form and made payment will receive Login ID and Activation Password. Parents can then to Admission Form Page to complete the Admission Form

*Parents are requested to refer to below payment options and make payment of Rs. 1000.00 towards Application Fee. Once this payment is received, you will get Activation Code for completion of the Application Form.

I understand, accept and agree to the above term and condition